About Chumka’s Corner

Hello and Welcome! 😊💛

My name is Paulina and the adorable kitty beside me in the picture  is Chumka! We adopted him in 2022 from BC SPCA when he was about 3 months old. His “original” name was Spice – he came from a really big litter (I believe of 12) and each of his sibling was named after a spice. 

We started adventuring with Chumka about 2 weeks after adopting him. We started from short backyard exploring to going camping when he was 6 months old. He’s been such an amazing companion that we can’t imagine not bringing him along with us wherever we go. 

I find that a lot of articles and blogs on adventure cats are old and somewhat outdated. So we created this page to share in a simple language (as English is my second language lol) our experiences and lessons we’ve learned so far.

Feline nutrition is another one of my hobbies. You can see some aesthetic meals on my Instagram (@chumkas.corner). 😎 I love reading research papers on just about any topics so the nutrition part of this blog is probably my favourite; even though it can take hours to create just one post. 

I think that I’ve “earned” the title of a crazy cat lady and I’m quite happy about it! I mean, cats are stinking cute and adorable… and ridiculously funny at times. 

Thank you for being here, please give your pet(s) some love from me 😊💛

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