Adventure Cat First Aid Kit/ Checklist

Black cat sitting next to a black first aid kit

One thing that I’ve learned from my personal adventures is that when emergency strikes, you rarely have everything needed, and you need to improvise. The point of this first aid kit is to treat your cat’s injuries, get them stable, and then take them to the vet.

As an over thinker, I tried to make the first aid kit as extensive as possible – but keep in mind the costs, space, and reality (what are the chances that the cat is gonna rupture his main arteries on a stroll in the park, ya know?)

The downloadable checklist is located at the bottom of this post!

Cat First Aid Kit - made by the cat's owner What we have in our cat first aid kit

  • Gloves
  • Gauze pads (I have 5cm by 5cm 2/2inch)
  • Non adhesive pad
  • Muzzle (this is a good example of cat muzzle for first aid kit)
  • FeliWay spray (calming spray)
  • Battery operated clippers
  • Extra batteries
  • (Cat safe) Eye rinse (or any saline wash/ wound wash)
  • Lubricating jelly
  • Cotton tip applicators
  • Rubber bands (easy DIY tourniquet, cause pet tourniquets are expensive)
  • A card (for treating stings – don’t use tweezers, as you can release more venom into the cat)
  • Gauze rolls
  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Self adhesive bandage
  • Splint (tip: get tongue depressors; they are much cheaper, you can break them if you need a shorter splint, just tape up the broken end so it’s a smooth surface)
  • Tweezers
  • Small flashlight

Cat First Aid Kit - made by the cat's owner Things that are part of first aid kit, that we have on hand

  • Tick brush and tick remover
  • Lint roller (great for checking ticks that are not attached yet)
  • Poop bags (great tool for helping with overheating or keeping wounds dry)
  • Your vet phone number, insurance information, and any other important info you can think of

Wound spray for cats, lint roller, small tick brush, tick removing tool, and poop bags - all are placed on the counter Extras

  • Cold pack (I don’t have one for the sake of space saving)
  • Emergency blanket / heating pad (why I don’t recommend emergency blanket – they are really big and loud. I would rather stuff my cat in my jacket than wrap him in a crinkly material)

Final Words

You can use this checklist as a guide, or simply pack what we carry on our adventures. Don’t hesitate to share with me your thoughts, questions, and everything in between!

Stay safe, enjoy the nature, and please give your pet some love from me 💛

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