JUXANOS Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder Review

JUXANOS Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder

Recently I’ve been trying to find cat treat puzzles that are a bit more challenging than his Petstages Cat Puzzle. It hasn’t been the easiest if I’m honest. I find that dog puzzles are very similar in design to kitty puzzles, or they require some „force” to solve them. Cats are more “sophisticated” when solving puzzles, and dogs just use force and hope for the best. After checking multiple pet stores (with no luck), I decided to browse Amazon. 

One of the puzzles I decided to try out is JUXANOS Interactive Puzzle. It was a tough pill to swallow because I am quite frugal, and paying $40-50 for a cat puzzle is quite mind blowing in my opinion. I decided to get it, try it, and then return it. Spoiler alert – I ended up keeping it, still having mixed feelings about the price tag haha. 

Some key features:

  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Three challenge levels to stimulate your cat’s senses
  • Made of Food level ABS material and round edge design – sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean!
  • 30 x 30 x 12.5 cm; 750 Grams

What I like about this puzzle:

The main reason why I like this puzzle is that it encourages my cat to use his paws to get the treat. Most of his other puzzles (and snuffle mats) can be solved by using his nose to move the objects. With this one, Chumka really needs to think about how to get the snacks out. I like to leave this puzzle out before I go to bed – it keeps him busy and happy (cause snacks) so I know I will be able to sleep through the night. 

Another thing that I LOVE about this toy is that it’s so easy to clean it. You can take the top part off and wash the whole thing. Most of the treat puzzles need to be soaked and wiggled around to clean each part. 

I feel like such a mom – finding my kid toys that are easy to keep clean, make no mess, and ideally no noise. On top of that, I am writing this post sitting outside in a lawn chair, with the cat in the harness, and a long leash attached to the wall. This is the easiest way to keep my “kid” happy and occupied – and life is all about it lately haha. 

I like that you can put as many treats as you want in this puzzle. For example, I love the Petstages Kitty Puzzles but I often struggle to find treats that are small enough to place in the sliding part. I often need to double check that the treat won’t block the puzzle once it falls into the opening. But with this one, the sky’s the limit and you can use snacks or food. 

JUXANOS Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder What I don’t like about this puzzle:

Honestly, it’s been a couple months since I got the puzzle and I am still thinking about the price tag haha. I don’t understand how this simple toy could cost this much to make. If it was a small business, I wouldn’t think twice about it. You could also DIY something similar – cut a couple holes in a package and voila! It wouldn’t be so pretty and transparent, unless you used a plastic panel on top. 

Speaking of DIYing things, check out my blog post on 12 interactive cat toys you can make for $0!

What I wish you could do with this puzzle is move the pieces around and design a unique puzzle. You can take the tall pieces out, making the puzzle a bit easier. But it would be really neat to be able to create different pet puzzles yourself. Someone take this idea and run with it – I am sure many pet parents would love to pay for something like this. 

This thing is not very space friendly. We have a rather small apartment so storing this piece is a bit of a pain – compared to other puzzles that are “flat” and can be stored in a drawer. But if you have an empty/ designated cupboard for kitty stuff, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a great kitty puzzle, you can’t go wrong with this one. Especially if your pet prefers to solve things with their nose. I definitely noticed “improvement” in my cat’s ability to use his paws to get things done. 

And if you aren’t convinced of this one, check out my review of the Petstages (Rainy Day) Kitty Puzzle as this is another great option! 

Hope you have a great day, and please give your pet some love from me! 

A Must Have for busy pet parents!
JUXANOS Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder
Challenging and stimulating treat toy for energetic, curious cats
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