Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack Review

Kayaking with a cat

It’s not easy to find a good cat backpack carrier that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. And even though adventure cats are getting more and more popular, the market is still behind creating products designed with cats in mind.

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack was our first pet carrier we purchased. The main selling point was its price (it was on sale at that time) along with a large amount of positive reviews on Amazon. We used the backpack a couple times a week for months and then we passed it on to another person with an adventure cat.

The good

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack is a very sturdy backpack – it has a firm removable bottom piece so your pet can sit comfortably, but it also prevents the backpack from losing its shape. You can store the backpack easily, as it folds flat when the bottom piece is removed.

It has a mesh front opening (that you can roll up so your cat can stick their head out), as well as 4 venting holes on the sides, so you can be confident that your pet is not going to overheat.

What I really liked is the adjustable safety belt that you can connect to your cat’s harness – it gave me a piece of mind that my cat wouldn’t jump out of the backpack, especially when having the front opening rolled up.

A really useful feature in this backpack is an extendable space that is tucked in the back panel when not in use – taking pretty much no space. This extra space is great when travelling as it allows your pet to stretch out without letting him out of the safety of the backpack. We used it when we went camping, as a bed at home (he liked this backpack that much) or as a “playpen” to keep your cat safe outside when you can’t watch him at all times.

The not so good

As much as we really loved the backpack, we found that we needed something that would be more “hiking-focused”. This product is really great on its own but there is no space (other than the 2 side pockets) to put anything personal. But if you plan to have “easy” adventures (such as a walk in the park, short hike, bike ride) then it will be just fine for you. We are quite avid hikers so it was simply not enough for us.

The backpack is not well insulated so if you live in a place with some cold winters, you might want to look for something different. You can always put a hot water bottle on the bottom, and cover it with a towel or a small blanket. We live in Canada so it wasn’t enough for our cat, but our winters can be pretty cold so they don’t let that scare you away from getting this backpack – it’s really great.

The see-through panels in this backpack are made of thin plastic that scratches easily when applied any pressure. You need to be delicate when cleaning them or you find little scratches/ foggy spots. It didn’t seem to really bother our cat but I would imagine that overtime it could get in a way.

This backpack will be perfect if you… take your cat on short/easy adventures, experience mild winter/cold seasons and look for a space efficient product.

Another great pet backpack to check out is Petsfit Pet Carrier

Be sure to check out the current deals and offers post first, as the backpack could be on sale.

Great backpack for adventure cats
Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack
Take your cat on adventures with you with this backpack!
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