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I don’t know about you but I don’t do well in the heat. Each year I complain about the BC’s summer and look for ways to cool down. And since I have a hard time with it, finding “cat friendly” activities in the summer can be difficult. My cat has medium length black coat so even couple minutes in the sun (sometimes even in the shade if it’s particularly hot) causes him to overheat and start panting.

So I wanted to share with you some of the ways we try to beat the summer heat (boredom)!

I have a weekly newsletter focused on everything (adventure) cat related. I like to share what cat community finds beneficial, helpful tips/ advice, and talk about common challenges – such as finding cat friendly summer activities. Plus some wholesome content to brighten your day and kick off your weekend with positive message.

Road trips and car rides

Going for “little car rides” with Chumka is something we do fairly often. He also joins us from time to time to run errands – only if the places we go to are pet friendly though. But even taking a stroll through orchards is enough to make him happy; bonus points if he gets to people watch from the comfort (and safety) of his booster seat haha.

If your cat enjoys being in a car, it’s something to try. But if your pet only “tolerates” driving, then check out other ideas below 😊 Also check out my blog post explaining how to prep for road trips with your cat!

Get a kiddie pool

If your cat likes playing in or with the water, getting a little kiddie pool is a great idea. You can even throw in couple of their toys for additional entertainment.

The funny thing with Chumka is that he doesn’t mind being wet – either by rain or intentionally to help him cool down – but he hates his paws wet. I am hoping that by getting a kiddie pool (with toys in it) he might start tolerating it though lol

Cat hiking in the forestAdventure during off-peak hours

A great way to continue adventuring with your cat is to wander in early morning or late afternoon / evening. The temperatures are usually down by couple degrees so the weather is more bearable. It’s also a great way to start or finish your day – by being out in nature.

You might notice, though, that there are more people (with pets) out at the same time. So you might want to keep that in mind if your cat is timid or anxious around humans or dogs.

Another thing to remember is that wildlife is more active during dusk and dawn – so be prepared for that as well.

Get puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to keep your cat occupied AND happy – who doesn’t like snacks after all? Chumka LOVES his Petstages puzzle (click for review) and his snuffle mat.

You can check out my post on 12 easy ideas for $0 DIY cat toys – getting new toys for your pet is a great wat to enrich their life.

Play dates at someone’s house

If you have someone that would be happy to have your pet over, it’s a great “adventure alternative”. Chumka loves going to his papa and babka’s place. He gets to play with their dog Fergus and to explore every nook and dusty corner. Even just couple hours there gets him all tired and happy.

Cat on a kayak Lake/ River time

If you live near a river or a lake, you could try taking your pet with you to spend some time by the water. Quite often there is a nice cool(er) breeze and if your cat likes the water then that’s a bonus point. Today was the first “successful” afternoon by a river with Chumka – he seemed content to be there and even explored the area a bit.

I make sure to bring the cooling pad and couple of his lickable treats. I fold the cooling pad to fit the bottom of his backpack and put my shirt over it. If Chumka does overheat, we rub some water into his fur which seems to work.

If you take your pet on the water, I would suggest having a life jacket for them 😊

Teach new tricks

Teaching new tricks can be a really fun activity for you and your pet. Cat School is a great resource for that – they offer both articles, videos and an option to join their online membership. Training your cat isn’t as easy as dogs, though. But it’s definitely rewarding and a great “party trick” haha.

Bonus point: Cooling gear

Cooling gear can help during the summer a lot. There are plenty of options too – from bandanas, vests, to cooling mats. If you’re interested in our gear “collection” – including seasonal stuff – click here to see what we use.

I hope you enjoyed this post 💛 Please give your pet(s) love from me 😊💛

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