Our current adventure cat gear list

Cat on a kayak

I have gotten a number of messages asking about our “adventure cat gear” + recommendations. Here is a list of our current items! I really doubt that any of this will change (much) as I am very happy with “the inventory”.

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Harness and accessories

We have 2 harnesses for Chumka – The Outbound Cat Harness and the Rabbitgoo Cat Harness. Mainly we use the Outbound Harness but the Rabbitgoo one works great under kitty sweaters.

Cat laying in grass Cat on leash walking outdoors Leash

We have 2 kinds of leashes – a retractable one that we use for “daily” walks and a long biothane leash for camping and letting Chumka hang out in the yard. The retractable one was bought from a Canadian tire and is 5m long, so nothing special haha


We have the cutest collar for Chumka from this Etsy store. Saangoh (shop owner) is the nicest person; He created the collar within couple hours after I reached out to him asking about possible ETA as we were leaving for a trip in 2 weeks or so. I was not expecting him to do that as it was my own fault for procrastinating to buy it.

Chumka’s collar is in colour “Natural Orange” which looks exactly like in the picture on Etsy. We also opted out from having a bell on it as it can be disturbing to cats. Somehow I can’t find a picture where the collar is shown nicely – the joys of having a medium hair cat lol.

Chumka wear the collar only “once in a while” as collars aren’t very safe for cats. It’s good to have it for camping and such, though.


We use 2 backpacks – Petsfit Pet Backpack and Kurgo G-Train – Carrier Backpack. I wrote a review on the first backpack, you can click on the name and it will take you to the post.

I am yet to write a post on the Kurgo Backpack – I just don’t feel like we’ve used it enough to “justify” writing a review yet. We did take it kayaking and on some other small “adventures” but I hope to use it for “hiking” with Chumka. Kurgo says it is a “hiking backpack” after all 😊

Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack Cat sleeping in pet backpack

Kitty sweaters/ jackets

Chumka currently owns one sweater and one jacket. Both are made by one and only MeggyTrails 💛If you’re looking for some fall/ winter clothing for your pet – dog or a cat – you gotta check her out. We have the warm cat fleece sweater and the cat winter jacket.

Cat on a beach Summer gear (Cat Life Jackets, Cooling Gear)

Since Chumka loves joining us kayaking, we decided to get him a life jacket. So far we are still using the one we bought last year. We have Vivaglory Neoprene Puppy Life Jacket in size XS. It fits Chumka nicely and we were even able to put a sweater underneath it.

Cat on a kayak For cooling summer gear we are currently trying out couple things:

We haven’t used those enough to write a review on it but… 1) the Cooling Gel Pad is AMAZING – even for us, humans lol. 2) Chumka looks absolutely adorable in his little cooling vest.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please give your pet(s) some love from me 😌💛

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Picture of Paulina, Chumka's Mom

Paulina, Chumka's Mom