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I think we all love to spoil our pets – don’t we? It’s definitely easier for me to buy something for Chumka than to buy something for myself. I really enjoy learning about other adventure cats’ gear/ toys – or even better, doing my own “research” on those. It’s probably on the third spot of my “guilty pleasure” activities haha. 

Here is a list of Chumka’s favourite gear/ toys 🙂 

Cat Treat Puzzle (Amazon CA)(Amazon US) 

Chumka LOVES “playing” with this toy, he actually recognizes the sound it makes when I pick it up (the pieces just move around) and comes running. He knows that I hide high value snacks in there and he’s about to get them. I love setting the puzzle up after our adventure as a little treat for him, or as a distraction just before I need to leave the house – he still cries but not as bad 🙂 

Since writing this post, we upgraded to the next skill level puzzle – you can read our review on it here.

Cat toy – floppy fish (Amazon CA)(Amazon US)

Now this toy lasted a couple months of heavy play and beating up before a small piece from the tail fell off and it stopped working properly. But we still have it in a kitty toy box and it’s still really loved – sometimes we stuff a little packet of catnip inside for extra zoomies 🙂 But like I said, this toy would be thrown in the air and off the ledges all the time because our cat loves to carry his toys around the house. So it was meant to be broken sooner or later lol 

Petsfit Pet Backpack (Amazon CA)(Amazon US)

Now this is our current backpack we have and use for most of our kitty adventures. Our old and well loved one was passed to a lady with an adventure cat in training! This backpack fits our needs a bit more – I am training Chumka to jump on my shoulders/ backpack when he’s anxious or tired and this backpack just works better for it. It also is a bit bigger than our old one, allowing Chumka more room to move around and lay down. Click here for our review on the Petsfit Backpack!

Kurgo Dog Booster seat (Amazon CA)(Amazon US)

Chumka absolutely loves this booster seat – we call it his “hammock” because it pretty much hangs off the headrest (and is supported by another belt that goes around the seat) rather than a classic booster seat that sits on the chair, lol. He loves it because it allows him to see through the windows better, he can lay down and not be “pushed around” during turns, and it’s his safe spot when in the car. 

I got this booster seat at a local pet store and just a quick FYI – Amazon is cheaper. 

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack (Amazon CA)(Amazon US)

Now this is the most expensive item that I purchased for our adventure kitty and it was difficult to press the “buy now” option haha. It’s a backpack specifically made for hiking with your pet and you can fit your hiking essentials while still having enough room for your pet. We haven’t had a chance to test it properly as I bought it just recently but it already has become Chumka’s favourite – to hide, sleep, or play!

His bed

Now this one isn’t a toy or a gear item but I think Chumka would like me to put his bed in this list. I bought it for about $20 at Winners months ago and at first he wouldn’t care about it at all… But now there are nights that he prefers to sleep on his little bed than with us – and he’s been sleeping with us from the day we got him! So yes, he sure loves his bed and it makes my heart very happy 🙂 

If you like any of those items, be sure to check out my post on current deals and offers to see if any of those are currently on sale at your local pet store.

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Picture of Paulina, Chumka's Mom

Paulina, Chumka's Mom