Rabbitgoo Cat Harness: Review

Cat hiking in the forest

Choosing a cat harness that will check all of the boxes is difficult. I’ve been there and quite frankly – I am still looking for one. But don’t get me wrong – this one is close to being THE ONE.

I am quite sure that this was our first “adult” cat harness that we bought. We’ve been using it for over 6-7 months now and used it in various conditions. Here is our take on it…

The good

I am genuinely impressed how well this harness holds up. It’s been through Canadian winters, hiking, camping, and 30 minutes in the dryer on high. 🙈 And trust me – there is no signs of wear and tear! You definitely get your money’s worth – especially that this is a budget friendly option.

I choose vest style harnesses because they distribute the leash pressure evenly, preventing from choking and neck strain. I did find this harness to fit Chumka better than any that we’ve tried. He’s skinny and long, so it’s a challenge to find something that’s right for him.

The harness comes with a short 59″ (150cm) leash so you can be all set for adventures. I personally found the leash to be too small for our current needs but it’s a great beginner set.

I love that it comes in 10 different colours – and each is really beautiful. We ordered it in yellow and call Chumka our little Bumblebee when he wear it. I have a friend who has it in light blue colour and their cat looks absolutely stunning in it.

Cat walking on tree trunk

The not-so-good

One “odd” thing I noticed about this harness is that the straps can loosen on their own. I actually reached out to some other adventure cat pawrents asking for their opinion. It seemed that they also noticed it and one said that their cat managed to escape the harness because of that. I couldn’t find any review on Amazon Canada mentioning that, though. For me, I just need to remember to tighten it before each walk so it’s not that big of a hassle.

The harness comes in two sizes – XS and S, so if your cat is large (breed-wise or scale-wise LOL), it might not work for you. I think that finding a harness for “larger” cats might be a bit easier than for long and skinny/ thin cats.

This is an overhead harness – you need to pull it over your cat’s head to put it on. Some cats might not necessarily enjoy it – I know ours doesn’t. But it takes me maybe 5-10 seconds to put it on which really is nothing – and then he forgets he even is wearing it. It really is a personal preference 😊

Final words

I just want to add that having a “safe place” for your cat when hiking/ exploring is as important as having a well fitted harness. We always carry a backpack with us – the kitty can jump in whenever he wants. A good starting backpack is the Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack. I wrote a review on it, sharing the good and “not so good”.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Please give your pet some love from me 💛

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Great vest-type harness
rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash
The best budget friendly cat harness
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