Best Raw Cat Food Brands in Canada

Raw pet food

As a crazy cat mom and a student of Feline Nutrition Program, I like to keep my eyes open for new products to try. I enjoy reading about them, trying them out (more like – giving them to Chumka to try) and sharing my experiences with others. Since starting an Instagram account for Chubber, I’ve been able to form some really nice connections with fellow cat pawrents. We chat about our gear, places to visit, and different pet food we like or dislike.

One thing I need to mention is that Canadians are quite spoiled when it comes to raw pet food industries 😃 It seems that we have the widest variety of brands and protein to choose from. If you wonder why I feed my cat raw – check out this article explaining just one reason why I choose to feed Chumka raw.

Here are couple of our favourite ones (the list is not created in any specific order, they all are equally loved 💛)

RDBK (Red Dog Blue Kat)

A brand we 100% trust for Chumka
Red Dog Blue Kat Raw Pet Food
One of our favourite raw pet food brands

Why we love it: RDBK‘s mission is to use real food with whole ingredients, prepared with the same love and care used to prepare human meals. They use fresh, highest quality ingredients. They don’t use supplements in their food – they include organic fruits and vegetables to meet nutritional needs of our beloved pets.

One of my favourite things about RDBK is they pack their food in small individual packages of 100g. It makes feeding Chumka much easier – even if I do forget to take it out to thaw, it’s ready in to time! I also don’t need to worry about the food being left in the fridge for too long – it’s used up before the harmful bacteria starts growing.

Bonus Points: RDBK can help you get started on the raw food journey with their FREE (custom) feeding guide made by their nutritionist. They also put a lot of effort to help the environment, communities, and animals in need.

Big Country Raw

Complete meals or just protein
Big Country Raw Pet Food
One of our favourite raw pet food brands

Why we love it: BCR is the only company mentioned in this post that “follows the NRC guidelines”. NRC is a reference for all animal nutrition professionals; so when a company states their product is “NRC complete”, it means it was specifically designed by a professional who followed such publication. BCR actually has a really great article explaining the difference(s) between various food certifications.

I love that you can purchase either complete meals, or just pure protein – and you can supplement your pet’s meal yourself. It makes it very easy for pawrents dealing with either specific medical needs or allergies. BCR also has a nice variety of recreational and meal replacement bones – which are great for your cat’s dental health!

Bonus Points: I love that Big Country Raw puts a lot of work into creating some great resources for veterinarian (which includes information sheets to bring along to your pet’s vet visit) but also raw community. They just published their research as a first raw pet food company to complete an extended AAFCO feeding trail!

Bold by Nature

You can throw the scale away when buying this brand!
Bold by Nature Pet Food
You can buy the food, supplements and edible bones from them!

Why we love it: We love that Bold by Nature makes their food into small patties so you can throw that scale away – no more weighing the food before serving! Their food comes as meat/organs/bone only, so you can supplement the dishes yourself (which is both a pros and cons, I guess).

They offer a variety of offers to pet pawrents – their Breeder Program provides resources and coupons to breeders to promote healthy and happy litters. They also have the Cubs Club – you can receive their Puppy/ Kitten Starter Pack, along with $10 voucher! By joining their club you will receive each month a coupon for $3 off on your next Bold by Nature purchase.

Bonus Points: I love how active the brand is on their blog. They have some really great articles written in easy-to-understand language and great format. I am not a big fan of reading looong paragraphs – I usually scan the text for what I am looking, so their blog is perfect for folks like me.

Primal Pet Foods

Great option for travelling and when you don't have access to fridge/ freezer
Primal Pet Foods
You can choose between frozen raw, freeze dried raw and gently cooked food!

Why we love it: My favourite part about Primal Pet Foods is the variety of options to choose from. I love that they provide freeze dried option as there are some situations where you don’t have access to fridge or freezer. It’s definitely a win win product during travelling or camping. All of their products are balanced so you don’t need to worry about anything! They don’t use synthetic supplements in their food – only fruits and veggies.

Primal Pet Foods uses a third party laboratory to check every batch for safety – when the results come negative for select pathogenic bacteria, the product is released for shipment. You can be sure that you and your pets are safe with them.

Bonus Points: It can be difficult to find good raw food in USA, however, Primal Pet Foods actually originates from California so it can be easily found in the stores across the states.

Primal Pet Foods offers a wide variety of products; from food, treats, hydration (broths and goat milk) to edible bones.


This post highlighted just a couple of brands that produce the highest quality raw food for your pet. The list is not created in any specific order, they all are equally loved by us and our Chumka 💛

Hope you enjoyed it and please give your cat some pets from me.

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