All your cat backpacks questions answered

Cat sleeping in pet backpack

A while back I created a post “Ultimate guide to cat backpacks”. I still receive questions on the topic. Which by the way, thank you so much for trusting me and coming to me for advise 🥲🥲🥲 Here are some of the most asked questions – and please reach out to me if you don’t find what you’re looking for!

This is a “ongoing” post that I will keep updating as I get more questions worth mentioning here 🙂

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Now off to the questions… 😊

Are cat backpacks safe?

Yes! Well… You just need to choose the right one for the climate you live in, and the activities you’re gonna do.

Most of the pet backpacks come with lots of awesome features – extra padding, breathable mesh, couple different openings… you name it.

Check out my post that will help you choose the right backpack for you(r cat).

Do cats like cat backpacks?

If you ask my cat, he will say he loves his backpacks. Yes, we have more than one kitty backpack for Chumka hehe

One backpack is for day to day adventures. The other one is for hikes or paddles, or just adventures that require us to pack a bit more stuff/ gear. If you want to learn more about different kitty backpacks, click here.

In general cats like to be in “enclosed spaces” – boxes, kitty houses, backpacks! And they are naturally curious creatures which makes backpack training generally easy.

Once your cat knows that their backpack is a safe spot, you might see him just use it as a bed… Chumka does it whenever we don’t put his backpack on the shelf it belongs. It’s not only adorable to see, but also rewarding – because you see that the pet really likes what you got them.

Backpacks with cats on them

So the “questions” I use in this post are Google searches that my site pops up for. I am 99% sure that someone was looking for some cute backpacks for school or something… But I wanted to show that some pet backpacks are sturdy enough to support a cat haha

But if you clicked here hoping to find some cute backpacks… this one is pretty adorable.

Black cat laying on top of backpack Can you put a cat in a regular backpack

I wouldn’t recommend it. Regular backpacks don’t have the mesh “windows” so they are not breathable. They also don’t have a good support for your cat – it wouldn’t be able to sit or lay comfortably.

Some cats don’t like not seeing what’s going around them. Regular backpacks are fully enclosed.

And another reason – regular backpacks don’t have features to make them “escape proof”. I had one person message me saying their cat opened up their bag/ backpack from the inside and got out. Pet packs often come with a built in leash to secure the animal, as well as little windows that they can poke through, but not escape through.

Can cats wear backpacks?

I’ve seen some cats have tiny backpacks attached to their harness. I am not quite sure what is the purpose of it though. I am a simple gal – if there is no need for a cat to wear a backpack, then I won’t put one on it.

There are some backpacks for dogs to wear – especially if you’re going hiking/ backpacking with your pup. As much as I love the idea, cats are built too differently to handle something like this.

Final words

Like I said earlier, this post is going to grow and grow as I get more questions worth mentioning here. Please feel free to send me a message via my contact form or my Instagram 😊💛

I hope you enjoyed this post/ found it helpful! Please give your pet some love from me 💛💛

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