Best Cat Harnesses for Adventure Cats, and More

Are you wanting to start training your cat to become an adventure cat? Or maybe you want to take your feline to safely enjoy the yard? Whatever it might be, I got you covered! 😊 Feel free to check out my ultimate guide to cat harnesses – in there, I discuss how to choose the right harness, what you should consider before purchasing one, and everything else in between. 😊

Let’s dive in!

Best budget harness + best beginner harness

If you’re not sure if your cat is going to like wearing the harness or being outdoors, this is where you want to start. Those harnesses are budget friendly, simple, and lightweight.

Great minimal type and beginner harness
PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness
Great budget friendly harness

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness

This harness is great for beginners, but also seasoned adventure cat owners. It’s very lightweight, has minimal design, and is very easy to put on and take off. If your cat freezes, or falls down as soon as you put a harness on him/her, give this one a try.

Why we recommend: Budget friendly harness that comes with a bungee-type leash, sternum slide adjusts to ensure a great fit, very lightweight

Great vest-type harness
rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash
The best budget friendly cat harness

Rabbitgoo cat harness

This was our first “adult” cat harness. We still have it but we use it as a back up option. If your cat pulls or has random outbursts of energy, this is a great option. The vest style harness allows to distribute the pressure evenly on cat’s shoulders and chest, limiting possible discomfort.

Why we recommend: Very budget friendly option, made from breathable material, though budget-friendly it’s very durable

I wrote a “more in-depth” review on the rabbitgoo cat harness, click here to read it.

Cat on leash walking outdoors Best splurge harness

In my original harness post, I have only one harness in this category. However, I decided to add the Outbound harness to this category, as you pay for the shipping… and it can hike up the price very fast – especially if you’re outside the US. Both of those harnesses are top quality and worth every penny.

Handcrafted harness, made to last
Supakit cat harness
You can choose between leather and cork option with this harness. And it comes in various stunning colours.

Supakit harness

If you’re looking for a harness that blends comfort, sturdiness, and style together – this is THE ONE. I am abosolutely in love with the colours that his harness comes in. It does have a rather high price tag, but it’s made to last.

Why we recommend: handcrafted harness that will last you for long time, made with leather or cork (vegan option), the cork harness is waterproof

Custom made harness for fit and function
The OutBound Cat Harness™
This might be the only harness that offers additional "support" in custom/XL size so your pet can be as comfortable as possible

The OutBound Cat Harness™

This is the harness that we currently use. I really really love it, and can’t see upgrading to a different one. I love the bungee closure – it helps when Chumka pulls, but it also prevents him from escaping. We’ve had some serious escape attempts, and our cat got out only once… and it was partly my fault.

Why we recommend: can be custom made to fit larger or thin cats, allows full range of motion, contoured belly provides added comfort and safety

I wrote a “more in-depth” review on the The OutBound Cat Harness™, click here to read it

The Outbound Cat harness Best step-in vest style harness

Great vest-type harness
RC Pet Adventure Kitty Harness
A harness specifically designed for cats

RC Pet Adventure Kitty Harness

Step in harnesses are great if your cat hates the process of putting anything over his/her head. I believe there are 2 “versions” of this harness, the updated version has a buckle on the neck piece, making it 100% step in harness. The one in the picture is a mix of step in and pull through.

Some cat owners find the sizing rather awkward and can’t find a good fit – one of the straps being either too short or too long.

Why we recommend: fully adjustable neck and chest piece, reflective features to keep your pet safe in the dark, great at distributing the pull force

Best dog harness to try for your cat

Best dog harness to try out for your cat
Size xs should fit a medium size kitty

RC Pets Moto Control Harness

I’m not a fan of using dog harnesses on cats. However, if you have a large cat, this might be the one for you. I know of couple adventure cat owners using this one, and they are happy with it.

Why we recommend: two leash rings allow you to use one of them for IDs, reflective lining to keep your pet safe in the dark, built-in handle can be used also used as seatbelt loop

White cat wearing harness and looking out from balcony Harness deserving a special note

One of a kind harness
ESCAPE proof CAT HARNESS by MeggyTrails
This harness is specially designed for the most professional little escape artists

MeggyTrails training harness

We love MeggyTrails. Her products are always the highest quality, and made uniquely for cats/dogs in mind. This harness is one of a kind, and is the most “escape proof” of all harnesses. I absolutely love that you can adjust every strap, making it a perfect fit for your cat. If your cat is an escape artist – you need to try this one out!

Why we recommend: six points of adjustments to fit your cat perfectly, lightweight and comfortable, most “escape proof” of all harnesses

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