What to pack for cat adventures

Cat sitting in a cat pack

I wanted to create a list of items we bring for our daily adventures. This is what works for us and our area – so feel free to change it up to make it work for you.

Couple of the items are our “spring/ summer” season things and there is no need to carry them in the winter. I want to mention that all of those things fit in our cat backpack. I don’t need to worry about grabbing them before each walk – they just stay there 😊

Here is a blog post explaining what I pack for longer trips/ road trips 🙂

Wet wipes (cat friendly)

Wet wipes are great after your cat decides to 4×4 through some mud or takes a dust bath. There are lots of pet wipes out there but not every one of them is feline friendly. I usually go for unscented ones that are visibly labeled for cats.

Creamy Catit lickable treatsSnacks

Our favourite ones are lickable treats, Chumka goes crazy for them. It’s a very high value snack so we like to give our kitty one after a walk or during a break. Chumka usually ignores the treats outside so we don’t use them as a training tool.

Lint roller

This one and the flea/tick brush are our spring/summer season item to bring along. Lint roller helps to pick up ticks that are still wandering through his hair. It keeps Chumka and us safe.

Tick/ Flea brush

Though Chumka is medicated against ticks, it doesn’t PREVENT from them biting him. So I brush our cat before we get home/ in the car. I thought that he would hate it, as he doesn’t like being brushed but he actually doesn’t mind it!

Thrive Silver Shield spray Silver Shield spray

It’s great for any “small emergencies” such as scratches etc.

Silver shield consists of small particles of silver mineral colloids suspended (dissolved) in distilled water. Silver shield is a very effective cleaning solution for pet owners and can support natural defenses of the skin and support skin and coat health. Spray or wipe on and let dry for long lasting protection” Big Country Raw website.

Poop bags

While Chumka holds his pee/ poop until we get home, I like to have them with us for when/ if it happens. Leave no trail and clean up after your pet. Cat’s feces can contain toxoplasma gondii – a parasite causing toxoplasmosis – so it’s even more so important to pick up after your kitty.

small jar with coconut oil Coconut oil

I LOVE carrying it as it’s solid until it’s warmed up so there is little to no mess. I use it to clean up sap from Chumka’s paws – it can be cleaned very easily with oil while the sap is still warm. It’s a must if you let your pet go off the trail.

Last words…

The list isn’t long but consist all the essentials for daily walks. We are heading out on a little getaway pretty soon, so I will create another post about what I pack for longer trips! You can check out this post explaining how we look for and choose a place to stay with Chumka.

I hope you found this post beneficial and please give your pet(s) some love from me 😊❤️

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Picture of Paulina, Chumka's Mom

Paulina, Chumka's Mom