Activities you can do with your cat during fall and winter

I am soooo excited for fall and winter! This year’s summer has been unbearable – heat waves, really awful wildfires, and smoke… I can’t wait to pull out comfy and cozy clothes (for both me and Chumka 🤭) and go for walks up in the mountains. Our cat loves playing in the snow – as long as it’s powdery – and he gets so puffy with his winter coat! It’s absolutely adorable!!

I do know that the colder seasons might make it difficult to find things to do with your pets… so let’s dive into some exciting activity ideas to keep your adventure cat engaged and entertained during the fall and winter months. 😊

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Explore the outdoors

Autumn can offer some of the most beautiful landscapes. Take your adventure cat on hiking trips to trails that allow pets. You can read my blog post on how I find places and trails to bring my kitty along. Keep an eye on your cat’s body language and adjust the intensity and/or duration of the hikes to match their comfort level. We had to cut our walks short a couple times because Chumka was getting cold, despite wearing his sweater.

Before you head out the door, check out my post on wildlife safety when adventuring with your cat/ pet


If you have someone that would be happy to have your pet over, it’s a great “adventure alternative”. Chumka loves going to his papa and babka’s place. He gets to play with their dog Fergus and to explore every nook and dusty corner. Even just couple hours there gets him all tired and happy.

Indoor Obstacle Courses

Create an indoor obstacle course using household items like cardboard boxes, tunnels, and cushions. Set up a series of challenges that encourage your cat to jump, climb, and navigate through the course. Not only does this provide physical exercise, but it also taps into their natural curiosity.

Cat using puzzle Petstages Interactive Toys and Snack Puzzles

Keep your cat’s mind sharp by incorporating puzzles and interactive toys into their routine. These toys stimulate their natural hunting instincts and provide mental stimulation, which is especially important during the colder months when outdoor play might be limited. Our cat LOVES his Petstages food puzzle! And I love it because you can use it in so many ways – for feeding them, when I’m gone for a day and don’t want the cat to get too hungry, and even to stop my cat from waking me up at night.

There are some really cool ideas for interactive toys that you can DIY – for $0!

Hide and Seek

Play an interactive game of hide and seek with your cat. Hide behind doors, furniture, or curtains, and then call out to them in an excited tone. Allow them to find you, rewarding their efforts with treats and affection. This activity engages their senses and fosters a strong bond between you and your pet.

You could also try it outdoors in your yard – I know that wouldn’t work for us because Chumka gets really distracted by everything 😂

Training Sessions

Engage your adventure cat’s mind through training sessions. Teach them simple tricks or commands like sit, stay, or high five. It can be a really fun activity for you and your pet. Cat School is a great resource for that – they offer both articles, videos and an option to join their online membership. Training your cat isn’t as easy as dogs, though. But it’s definitely rewarding and a great “party trick” haha.

Don’t forget to include snacks and positive reinforcement 😸

Cat on a window sill Window Watching

Even when the weather turns chilly, your cat can still enjoy the great outdoors… even from the comfort of your home! Set up a cozy perch near a large window for them. Place bird feeders, squirrel feeders, or other wildlife attractions within view to entertain your feline friend. This simple activity can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

Just double check on your local laws regarding wildlife feeders/ attractants. Some places might have restrictions on those.


Going for “little car rides” with Chumka is something we do fairly often. He also joins us from time to time to run errands – only if the places we go to are pet friendly though. But even taking a stroll through the neighbourhood is enough to make him happy; bonus points if he gets to people watch from the comfort (and safety) of his booster seat haha.

If your cat enjoys being in a car, it’s something to try. But if your pet only “tolerates” driving, then check out other ideas below 😊 Also check out my blog post explaining how to prep for road trips with your cat!

Play fetch in the snow

Now this one might not be for everyone but it’s a really fun one! If your cat likes to chase things and doesn’t mind a bit of cold… you gotta try it. When we get lots of snow, I will make little “trails” so the snow isn’t too high for our cat hehe

Hide-and-Seek with Treats

Keep your cat’s mind sharp and entertained by playing hide-and-seek with treats. Hide treats in different spots around your home and watch as your cat uses their keen sense of smell to track them down. This game not only stimulates their mind but also provides a fun indoor activity for those chillier days.


As the seasons change and the weather cools down, there’s no need for your adventure cat’s enthusiasm to wane. With these activity ideas, you can ensure your feline friend stays engaged, entertained, and mentally stimulated throughout the fall and winter months. From hiking adventures to indoor playdates, there’s a world of possibilities for you and your adventurous companion to explore together.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please give your pets some love from me! 😊💛

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